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Mar Athanasius College of EngineeringMar Athanasius College of Engineering is one of the progenitors of technical education in the south Indian state of Kerala. Founded in 1961, this premier institution has carved a niche for itself in the field of Technical Education.

MACE-UAE Alumni chapter, which has a membership of more than 400 engineers, was formed in the year 1993 and is continuing its stride for the well being of its members, general public and deserving students of the parent institution.

The members of UAE chapter occupy various positions in government and private sector. There are lots of successful entrepreneurs in the MACE community who also support the activities of MACE UAE.

MACE UAE has got excellent relationship with the parent college and other alumni associations in the emirate. It is one of the founder members of KERA, the forum of alumni associations of engineering colleges in Kerala.

Special Informations:

1. Obituary to MACE Alumni UAE, Founder President Mr. Hussain. P

2. MACE UAE annual overseas trip to Singapore from 20.3.13 to 25.3.13

3. Annual Get Together for year 2013
    Venue: ISC hall, Abu Dhabi
    Date: 26-April-2013, 5.00 PM Onwards


As you continue to develop your career, start a business, have a family, or encounter many of life's opportunities and challenges, the MACE UAE Chapter provides is the platform to express yourself and share your emotions. Apart from providing the aura of nostalgic memoirs of MACE campus, our members-only group offers many benefits:

  • Leverage the power of MACE UAE membership to interact with other members and their Technical contacts.
  • Accelerate your career through referrals from MACE-UAE alumni and affiliated associations.
  • Let others know about your talents expertise through the various interactions with prospective clients and employers.
If you are a Mace Alumni residing in UAE, you are welcome to join the Macean community in UAE by clicking this link. You are also welcome to join the UAEMACE mailing group by clicking below:

Click here to join uaemace
Click to join uaemace

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